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Sheikah Slate Watchface for Pebble


Platform Watches Compatible
Aplite Pebble
Pebble Steel
Basalt Pebble Time
Pebble Time Steel
Chalk Pebble Time Round No
Diorite Pebble 2
Pebble 2 HR
Emery Pebble Time 2 NO


Watchface Layout


Time and Date display

Supports 12 & 24hr display (set in Pebble settings on the watch).

Bluetooth Indicator

Displays current bluetooth connection state. Vibrates on disconnect.

Battery Life

Displays current battery percentage. Turns yellow when charging, and red when very low.

Custom Text

Allows for up to 11 characters of input per column. Available characters: [A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ., !, ?, space, :]. Can leave the input field in the settings blank for 11 random letters.

Current Weather

Displays the current weather conditions using OpenWeather. Can use current location or preset latitude and longitude coordinates.

Current Temperature

Displays the current temperature using OpenWeather. The thresholds for very cold, cold, comfortable, hot, and very hot are set in the settings. Can choose to use Metric (°C) or Imperial (°F).

7 Runes to Choose

Randomly selects one of 7 different runes to display. Can select different runes in settings.

Settings Customization

Uses Clay for the settings in Pebble app.

Customization in Settings

The following are customizable within the settings app:

  • Left and Right column text
  • Which of the 7 runes to randomly select from
  • How often to change which rune is being displayed
  • How often to check the weather
  • Whether to use the current location when fetching the weather, or pre-specified latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Whether to use metric or imperial units for the temperature
  • The thresholds for the temperature gauge:
    • Very cold very cold
    • Cold cold
    • Comfortable comfortable
    • Hot hot
    • Very hot very hot



Shoot me an email at if you have any questions!